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Since 1986, Banyan Tree Schools have been at the forefront of quality education. Committed to developing the utmost potential of students, the Banyan Tree family today reaches out to more than four thousand students seamlessly across geographical boundaries. Our vision is to provide, in partnership with the parents, a stimulating learning environment in which every child is cared for and valued for their individuality. Within a green, safe and caring campus, the school ensures that students of all ability levels are able to excel. Each child is encouraged to achieve his or her full potential by promoting curiosity and enthusiasm and equip them for the demands and opportunities of the future.


Curriculum has been designed to meet the requirement of the children with the help of renowned pedagogues and experts from New Delhi.Outstanding learning experiences are crafted through a challenging curriculum with a lateral-spatial and analytical approach that allows our students to reflect and think as they apply their learning to everyday life. Children undertake live projects in which they survey, explore data, debate, analyse and make presentation. In addition to the curricular areas, there is huge focus on variety of co- curricular activities like Music, Art, Pottery, Games, and Life skill training to ensure holistic development of the child. Like all our branches in the country we will also be affiliated to CBSE as schools grows to Cl-VIII in couple of years.


Amidst the natural surroundings the spacious and well ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating provide a conducive learning environment. String Library will help children read what they chose to without hesitation. Our well equipped Activity Rooms consisting of drawing, painting, puzzles, games, paper mache craft, origami, clay modelling etc will help students in inculcating hobbies. A Traffic Island has been made to make our future citizens familiar with basic civic sense. Vegetable and Flower nursery in the campus have been created to bring our students close to the nature by observing and experiencing it. Large playground, play fields and play equipment facilitate children to participate in outdoor activities with amusement and keep them healthy.


Proficient, active and dynamic teachers of our school are committed towards teaching of children. They act as facilitators for the children in exploring and experiencing the world around them.