• Spacious Classrooms
    Spacious classrooms are equipped with proper ventilation and sufficient light.

  • Library
    Well furnished and stocked with reference books, textbooks encyclopaedias, Biographies, facts, fictions, CDs, DVDs, Journals and newspapers etc.

  • Subject Laboratories
    Furnished laboratories for subjects Maths, Composite Science, Physics, Chemistry and computers to promote hands on participation that result in quick and longlasting learning.

  • Audio Visual Space

    Equipped with LCD, Projector and other electronic and technical support enable the students to showcase their talent on stage, make presentations, conduct workshops and demonstrations etc. Indoor and outdoor Play areas.


  • Music and Art Room

    Well stocked with various instruments as Tables Harmoniums, Bongos, guitars Maracus, Tanpuras Synthesizers. A well equipped Art room where students are encouraged to develop their aesthetic skills and nurture their talents through self-expression.

    We at the Banyan Tree School believe that each child is a different individual to be aided, to be cared, to be groomed and to be developed as an all round personality. The school is the place where child’s cognitive, innovative and creative potentialities are nurtured through value-oriented education and empowers a child with the confidence to face the worldly challenges in the years ahead with the strength of her/his competencies.