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Smart Ways to Handle Tantrums of Kids

Smart Ways to Handle Tantrums

Most of the times, it is better to ignore tantrums of your child. This is the best solution and works particularly well when active attempts to pacify the child actually make the tantrum worse. Once you stop responding to your child’s tantrums, there is a chance that behaviour will get worse for a few days before it gets better. So, you need to be patient and control yourself from giving in.


Teach the child various ways to deal with negative emotions that may reduce the number of temper tantrums. If your child has already learned how to speak, make sure to remind them that they can talk rather than scream. Respond to them only when they speak in lower tones. When they apply the learning, you must take notice of it and praise their good behaviour.

Distraction or Diversion

Distracting the child can be helpful in controlling temper tantrums. The attention span of children is usually fleeting and it can be quite easy to divert them, if the parent or caregiver applies himself creatively. When the caregiver perceives that the child is just about to throw a tantrum, it is advisable to take immediate action in such a manner that the child gets distracted or diverted, like offer to tell a story or offer to go out and walk in the park or do something else that will distract the attention of the child away from the tantrum causing situation. This strategy can be really helpful in controlling the situation from escalating into a full-blown tantrum.

Give Your Child an Incentive to Behave

Researchers say this kind of bribery is perfectly fine as long as it is done on your own terms. In case the child starts to lose it, at any point of time, remind him gently about the incentive you have discussed before. This is one of the best ways to instantly whip them back into shape.

– Tulika Banerjee

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