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Importance of Good Pre – School in a Child’s Life

A preschool is the first experience a child has without his parents by his side. To make sure that this metamorphosis is smooth, good pre-schools implement various processes to create a friendly learning environment for the child. Therefore, opting the best pre-school is important and can be a tough decision for parents.

Here are few tips and suggestions which can be helpful in selecting the best pre-school for your child. You need to make sure that the preschool you are considering includes has the following features:

  • A free-play area where there is a wide range of choice for the kid to select toys. This makes them more connected to the outside environment.
  • Painting can invoke creativity in the child. Therefore, ensure that the kid will be involved in colouring and painting on a day-to-day basis.
  • Find out beforehand regarding the new skills that will be taught to the children. Make sure to proceed with the admission, only after getting a positive feedback from other parents who have experienced the school first-hand.
  • A sand pit or water play area can enhance the motor skills. Such hands-on learning tools in a pre-school proves that they believe in futuristic learning. Do inspect the facilities yourself.
  • Sharing with others and meeting new friends can improve social behaviour of the child. The child should get ample opportunity to play and interact with others. This can be verified from existing parents.
  • The level of involvement of teachers significantly affects the overall development of the child. This aspect must be looked into.
  • The collection of childrens’ books in the school and other audio-visual teaching aids is an important indicator of the preschool’s approach towards learning.
  • Building the self-confidence of the child and helping the child to be independent is a major aspect of a pre-school, which is even more important than the academic learning.

Most of the children are not prepared to stay away from parents for long stretches of time and pre-schools play a major role in preparing the child for formal school. The atmosphere of a good pre-school should be such that the child feels enthusiastic about going to school on a daily basis.

Good pre-schools also contribute to parents’ learning:

  • Parents can learn to reduce isolation, get better ideas and tips through workshops conducted by the preschool.
  • They would have an opportunity to learn from other parents and various techniques to handle the child’s tantrums.
  • The preschools are quite helpful in providing professional support and resources for engaging a kid for a long time.

Why Banyan Tree School?

Banyan Tree School, Gomtinagar, Lucknow is one such pre-school where learning can happen through reflection and experience. The child can learn, play and grow by imbibing essential skills needed for their stage of life through discovery and exploration. The school has various integrated games, advanced technology and the best in a pre-school curriculum that can enhance the knowledge of the kid to a superior level. The latent creativity of a child can be identified and enhanced through innovative ways used in Banyan Tree School.

This pre-school has pioneered the redefining of education for little kids. The school focuses on providing the best learning environment where the child enjoys school-time.

Without any doubt, Banyan Tree School is the best pre-school in Lucknow and will be a second home for your child in your absence.
– Tulika Banerjee

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