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Banyan Tree School offers four programs:

Cuddle Bugs (Pre- Nursery) – 1.5  – 3 Years

Caterpillars (Nursery) – 3  – 4 Years

Busy Bees (L.K.G) – 4  – 5 Years

Butterflies (U.K.G) – 5 – 6 Years

The programs are a beginning of the child’s independent learning journey, focus being on introduction of academic concepts as well as creative activities through enjoyable hands-on practical experiences.


welcome time170Welcome time

This helps in smooth transition from home to the school environment. Meeting and greeting ones peer group.




Circle time  circle time170

It consists of a participatory hello song, talking about the daily schedule and sharing ideas or happenings from the previous day. It includes theme-appropriate songs, songs including counting and days of the week.





learning time170

Learning Time

The children enjoy, explore and learn in an informal manner through activity sheets designed for them.





Bathroom Time

All children will be offered to try the bathroom if they are being potty trained, and all children will wash their hands before snack. Children do not need to be potty trained to attend but will assist if the parents are working on it at home.





Snack Time

It’s a time for children to socialize with each other & learn life skills.

During this time, children will share their snacks






 Interest Corners 

Interest Corners are set up within the classrooms to encourage children in a variety of activities like – reading, pretend, play etc. This allows the children to learn in a way they learn best: through play.





Outdoor Playoutdoor play170

Outdoor play is important for children to gain a sense of mastery and competency of skills from planned games, outdoor activities, and using the play equipment.

This encourages creativity, exploration, trial and error, and thinking skills.


story time170

 Story Time

Storytime helps a child become familiar with sounds, words, language and the value of books. It builds a child’s early literacy skills, sparks a child’s imagination, stimulates curiosity and helps the brain to develop.






 Art & Creative Engagement 

Art and Craft activities will stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity as well as help with physical development.




special activity170
Special Activity

Children are exposed to special activities on a regular basis like puppet show, dance , music, yoga, non-flame cooking etc.






bye bye170

Children are exposed to Dance through a professional Dance Teacher on Alternate days After the school hours.

Bye Bye Time … to meet again soon.