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The Banyan Tree school-CHD
"The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards"

- Anatole France

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The Banyan Tree - A Temple of Learning

The Banyan Tree, a temple of learning: is depicted in mythology as symbolizing eternal life due to its expansion. The Buddha attained nirvana under the banyan tree. Students, who come to the school, learn through activities, projects and use of latest technologies. Qualified teachers are only facilitators who awaken in the child, a natural curiosity and desire for knowledge. Excellence in academics is the ultimate goal wherein children turn out to be confident, competent citizens who can be ambassadors of this vast country. The school follows the Continuous Comprehensive form of Evaluating students (CCE) who are in a stress free environment and can learn at ease. Learning is by doing and great care is taken to see that the mission is transacted in teaching


About the School

About the School: Run by the R.K. K. R Trust, it is one of a chain of quality Schools that serves as a spring board to growth and development. The School, built on five acres of land is another landmark in the city beautiful, Chandigarh. The co-educational English medium school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. It works in tandem with the local governing body as well. Stalwarts in the field of education and administration guide the school towards excellence. The school is from the pre nursery to class twelve. All streams are being taught and students can opt for a stream and subjects of their choice.



In pursuit of excellence, the school aims at developing every learner holistically, into global citizens, by blending traditional wisdom with scientific temper. This holistic development is achieved by:

  1. Providing a stimulating and safe environment.
  2. Promoting physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.
  3. Encouraging creativity and lateral thinking.
  4. Energizing the multiple intelligence in students.
  5. Developing positive self esteem.
  6. Inculcating a strong sense of right and wrong.
  7. Making them into independent thinkers and life long learners.
  8. Instilling in them a pride for their school, environment and country.
  9. Developing and honing life skills needed for responsible citizens.

Teachers spend a lot of time in developing documents and embedding them in the school culture. Thus the mission is transacted in the day to day teaching. Learning outcome of students is measured through Continuous Comprehensive Assessments. Multiple Intelligence in students is enriched by using varied teaching methodologies.



  1. Ideal Student Teacher ratio.
  2. Committed to the cause of learning.
  3. Student friendly.
  4. Trained and experienced.

With extensive teaching experience each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar and an expert in his or her own field. Teachers plan their lessons in great detail and well in advance. Seminars and workshops for teachers are a regular feature in faculty development.Teachers understand that every child learns differently. Effort is taken to identify the learner and teaching them the way they can learn.
Learners are of different types hence certain allowances are made for them.

Visual Learners

Allowing doodling from time to time.
Using mind maps to present learning and ideas.
Using illustrations for recordingand annotating.
Using diagrams, photographs and illustrations as source material.
Displaying posters and key words.
Using video films.
Using graphic organisers.

Auditory Learners

Encouraging children to teach each other.
Letting children talk to themselves.
Making delivery clear.
Encouraging children to make presentations about their learning.
Using rhythm and music while teaching.

Kinaesthetic Learners

Using movement and drama to explore learning.
Linking learning tasks to children's movement around the school.
Allowing low level movements when children are working.
Bringing objects into the classroom and encouraging contact.
Using field trips and visits.
Developing as many practical activities are possible.


The School is divided into three major sections and each section is taught using a different technique and philosophy.

Pre Primary and Primary Classes

Trained and highly motivated teachers are taking care of Kindergarten children. Parents workshop are organised with qualified doctors, nutritionist and child experts from time to time. Children are taught with flash cards, live demonstration, puppet shows etc. Different types of activities are conducted like collage making, thumb printing, spray-painting etc. Field trips to various places like fruits and vegetable market, post office, bank, herbal garden etc are organised where children come to know more about the environment and the current affairs happening around them. Informal learning is imparted using Play Way method, which develops psycho-cognitive skills. The emphasis is on reducing written work and concentrating on the physical, mental and emotional growth of a child thus making him self reliant. The life skills imparted at this age are:

Emotional Skills

Co-operation and co-ordination.
Effective verbal and non verbal communication.

Social Skills

Relating to one's fellow's actions.
Channelisation of extreme emotions such as fear and anxiety.

Cognitive Skills

Problem solving skills
Conceptual skills


Middle School

The education of the students in the middle section is different from the formal education of the senior classes and the non formal education of the junior classes. It is a platform where children not only polish their skills under the guidance of the teacher but can come out openly to share their opinion related to different dimensions of education. The teaching is activity oriented with the help of group discussions, quizzes, powerpoint presentations and motor development activities. Students are taken to various educational trips and to sensitize them they are taken to old age homes and orphanages. Good value education is instilled in them through life skills regular classes. At this stage they are treated very carefully so that they may face the challenges of the later years.
The following skills are enhanced at this stage:

Emotional Skills

Dealing with competitive environment.
Coping with socially charged situations.
Co-operation among peers.
Being patient.

Social Skills

Owning one's action and learning from them.

Cognitive Skills.

Logical deduction skills.
Creative thinking.
Problem Solving.
Decision Making.


Senior School

The CBSE curriculum is followed completely in the senior school. Thus excellence in academics is initiated. Interests that had been identified in the middle school is continued to be honed while not neglecting the pursuit of academics. Students are encouraged to participate confidently in state and national level competitions both in sports and academics. Regular counselling is given to students to be able to face challenges in academics, peer pressure and coping with the changes in society. Career counsell ing is organised from time to time. The following skills are enhanced:

Emotional Skills

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Relating to one's fellow's actions.
Dealing with the competitive environment.
Effective communication.
Co-operation and co-ordination.

Social Skills

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Dealing with anger, peer pressure, and frustration.
Dealing with issues relating to adolescence.
Coping with failures and successes gracefully.
Being self disciplined.

Cognitive Skills

Problem solving, decision making, analytical and critical thinking.



The school has spacious class rooms and child friendly furniture and a well stocked Library. The school has well equipped laboratories for Computers, Sciences, Mathematics and other activities.

Activity Rooms

There are rooms for Art and Craft, Vocal and Instrumental Music and Dance. The School also offers activities such as Yoga. In the Sports Room there are facilities for playing Table Tennis and Table Soccer. In outdoor sports, the School has the infrastructure for games like Skating, Tennis and Mini Tennis. The BTS Cricket Academy has one of the best pitches in the Tricity.

Science Lab

Our state of the art Science Laboratories are used by teachers and students alike. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs nurture the inquisitiveness and enhance the scientific quests of the young learners. The labs offer a conducive teaching learning experience for students of all classes. Students are well equipped for practical work; activity based learning is encouraged in all teaching learning processes. Students also take part actively in project work, for, learning by doing does yield better results.

Computer Lab

The school has a well equipped Computer Lab for students with 20 computers. As the teacher student ratio is very uniquely small, the lab is a favourite haunt of the students. The school Computer Laboratory is connected with high speed Broadband connection for Internet surfing for students. This is under teacher surveillance. Students are encouraged to research on the net for all the project work.. This Centre provides invaluable skills and knowledge essential to the world of Information Technology.


"A Library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life."
Wisdom is more precious than all wealth. Whoever therefore claims to be zealous of truth, of happiness, of wisdom or knowledge, must become a lover of books.
The library is thus the fertile soil that provides the seed like children to grow, flourish and yield the fruits of knowledge.
The library is open from 8.00am onwards for student and staff use. Computerized catalogue assists in finding material. Together with a wide range of resources, including computers, CD/DVDs and talking books (cassette tapes). The centre has a large reference section and carries a variety of newspapers and magazines. The aim of the centre is to provide a lively research area within the school for study and reading. A trained librarian and a library supervisor are present throughout the day and during vacations, to assist with individual research and to supervise the smooth running of the library facilities.



Activity Clubs

For activities within the school the school offers the following clubs:

Science and Environment club
Mathematics Club
I.T club
Literary club (Hindi and English)
Dramatics and Debating club

Sports Clubs

For sports, the School is a leading landmark in the tricity. TBTS academy for cricket has been producing well known players. Two tennis courts, a mini tennis court, a skating rink, and options for karate, yoga and athletics are available to the students under the sports clubs. Students may opt for any one club in a particular year. This is in addition to the games and physical education classes.
This oversees to their total physical development.

Environment Club

The School has realized the urgent need of saving the environment from severe climatic changes. The Environment Club of the School inculcates environment awareness among students and teachers. Celebrating Earth Day and Environment Week is not restricted to days or weeks. It is part of the mission and the process is an ongoing one. Projects like Save Electricity, Save Water, maintaining a Herbal Garden and a Floral Garden is done by the members of the Environment Club.


House System

To build in the child a feeling of oneness while still nurturing the competitive sprit, the School is divided into four houses. Intra school competitions are organized from time to time to keep up the zeal to achieve. Within the community of the school the political and social systems are taught.
Elections are held each year by students to elect their leaders. For the younger ones, there is this goal ahead that one day they too can lead the school.
The houses are:


Colour: Red
The Symbol: the Anchor : It is the sign of hope in navigation. Likewise God is our anchor in this turbulent world and hope in God is essential for a good life. The urge to be at one with the universe is the supreme desire.


Colour: Blue
The Symbol: The Lamp : Though a lamp is a very tiny unit of light, it is used to light up the darkest corners of ignorance. It also helps in igniting a great fire within to achieve even greater heights. The desire for a better life is the fundamental quest.


Colour: Green
The Symbol: Folded hands : This is symbol of humility which recognizes the Godly nature in every human being. It is the hands that are folded in prayer, in acceptance and in welcome.To pray for the fulfillment of life is an eternal quest.


Colour: Yellow
The Symbol: The Soaring Bird : This is symbolic of the ultimate flight that one can embark upon when one has desired, when one s prayers have been granted and when the lamp of knowledge has ignited the minds of the young learners.


School Transport System

The school has a fleet of buses. Regular attendance is taken. The buses ply within Chandigargh, Mohali, Panchkula. The buses are manned by experienced drivers and conductors. The smooth plying of the buses is the responsibility of the bus supervisor. All students are expected to follow the bus rules.


Social Responsibility

Roshni Rai School for the economically weaker section opened the Nursery last year. It fulfills the School's social responsibility. Every year a new class will be added; and the school hopes to re-establish these children in mainstream life.


Admissions Office

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